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Sell Your House To The HomePoint Team!

We purchase your home directly from you with a stress-free, easy transaction! We will give an offer on ANY property in ANY condition. Whether your house is pretty or ugly, old or new, in good condition or bad, we can help!

How We Calculate Your Cash Offer

Your Offer = (After Repair Value) – (Repairs) – (Transactional Costs) – (Minimum Profit)

Ideal Client:

  • “I want to sell my house as-is!”
  • “I want to sell quickly!”
  • “I’m looking for a stress free transaction!”
  • “I dont want to pay closing costs!”
  • “I dont want to pay a real estate agents commission!”
  • “I don’t want to do any repairs”
  • “I’m going through foreclosure”

Listing Your Home With The Homepoint Team!

We list your home on the market to get you top dollar! We know what makes your home sell: How it’s priced, how it shows, and how it’s marketed. When you choose to work with us, you’re not just getting an agent who uses the best tools and technology to sell your property for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. You’re getting transparency and instant communication throughout the entire process, so you can relax knowing every detail is taken care of. We custom tailor property marketing strategies to target where buyers are looking – both online and in person. Plus, we make listings shine with the best photography and content.

Ideal Client:

  • “My house is in great condition and I want to get top dollar”
  • “I have the funds to make neccessary repairs the house needs”

Get Creative With The Homepoint Team!


We would take over all remaining mortgage payments on behalf of you, the owner, and take possession of the house. This is typically for homeowners that want to sell but owe more on their mortgage than the home is worth.

Seller Finance

We would purchase the home from you but instead of getting all the money upfront, you’d get it in installments. Essentially you would become the bank and we’d pay your monthly mortgage payment. This is similar to renting but without all the hassle and stress of dealing with tenants as we would guarantee you a check monthly or you’d get the home back.

Ideal Client

  • “Homepoint’s cash offer and listing do not make sense for my situation”
  • “I want to sell but I don’t want to pay so much money in capital gains tax”

We Help You 100% Of The Way, Including Finding You A New Home If Needed!

Are you selling your primary house?

We can help you purchase a new house anywhere in the United States so that you close on your current home and buy your new home at the same time!

Are you stressed out about packing up all your stuff and hiring movers?

We can help locate a credible moving company and handle communication so that you can have a stress-free transaction!

In some situations, we can actually credit you or cover your moving expenses 100%. To learn more, ask your homepoint expert to see if you qualify.

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