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Case Studies Of Homes We’ve Bought

As a credible buyer, HomePoint has helped homeowners through a multitude of complex situations. To be fluid with our customers, here are real examples of other houses we’ve bought and how we have helped tailor to each individual family. Each seller’s ‘we-buy-houses’ review and testimonial is a little different, since each seller is unique. That’s the great part about working with us, we create a custom offer that works for you!

When the homeowner need help A-Z

Susan was on the verge of losing everything. Everything she worked so hard for her whole life was falling to pieces after the other half passed away. We were able to step in & provide Susan a saving grace! We were able to purchase her home, locate her a new home 1,000 miles away, and help her purchase it. On the same day we purchased her house, she purchased her new home! She can now be close to her family back in her hometown! We also did everything for her A-Z including hiring moving trucks, dumpsters, helping her pack up boxes and move them onto the moving trucks, covering closing costs, and making sure she was taken care of 100%. We also helped her purchase the new home with 6 figures additional funds in her bank to support her for years to come!

When it needs too many repairs

Dominic inherited a rental property from a family member – but unfortunately, the house came with more issues than he was ready to handle. On top of the repairs needed, the tenets had lost their jobs due to Covid, were no longer paying their rent, and would not relocate. The home actually had holes in the roof where when it rained the tenets would have buckets out to collect the water. To say the least, the house needed to be completely redone. Luckily, Dominic got in touch with us and we were able to help relocate the tenets into a lovely apartment and later purchase the home. Dominic was trying to sell the home for a few years before connecting with us yet we were able to dive in and solve every problem as soon as he reached out.

When stressed and overwhelmed

Justin reached out to us because he was stressed and overwhelmed about trying to sell him home. The home needed work and he wasn’t sure were he was going to move to when the home sold. We helped find Justin a new home in a nice town and we were able to get his home sold where he even was able to walk away with some money on top of owning a beautiful home outright!

When selling off-market during covid with no showings is ideal

George reached out to us as he was interested in selling his home. Understandably, George didn’t want to sell the conventional route because he didn’t want a constant flow of people coming in and out of his home. HomePoint came to the rescue and purchased the home; we were able to do so with only having to enter the house once! George was given an offer a few months before our meeting and we were able to offer him $70,000 more than the other investor!

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