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Lease Your Boston, MA Property To Homepoint!

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We Lease Houses In Boston, MA!

Homepoint is looking to rent properties in the Boston area. We are looking to lease all different types of properties including single-families, multi-families, and condos.

Are you tired of renting out to a traditional tenant and chasing down your rent every month? Then reach out to us today to see exactly how much we would be able to give you every month.

*We are currently only looking for long-term lease agreements (24-month minimum)

Disadvantages Of Traditional Renting

Uncertain Monthly Payments

Are you sick of chasing around your tenants for your monthly check every month? For some tenants it’s easy, for others it’s like pulling teeth!

Quicker Turnover

Tenant turnover is one of the biggest hassles and expenses for any landlord.

Increased Wear and Tear

It’s surprising when a tenant will get their security deposit back because of all the damage left to the property when they leave.

Advantages Of Renting To Homepoint

Guaranteed Monthly Payments

By leasing to Homepoint, you would be leasing your property to a verified business. We are always looking to lease more properties so we make it a point to always pay on time or before to ensure our relationships.

Long-Term Lease Agreements

Currently, Homepoint is only looking to sign long-term lease agreements, with a minimum of 24 months.

We Keep The Property In Pristine Condition

We use our rentals to accommodate business professionals and hire professional cleaners to clean the property every time one comes and goes. This ensures we keep your property in excellent condition at all times!

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